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an alternative to complex products:

Simple, secured, insured & un-leveraged way to invest in fixed cash flowing assets.


EquiAlt researches, acquires and manages opportunistic and distressed real estate assets for the income and equity as whole transactions and as part of joint ventures. Management focus on acquiring in areas where demographic trends show strongest cash flow stability and equity growth prospects. Typically these properties are in some stage of development or rehab and are retained for cash flow, appreciation and diversification.

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EquiAlt is involved in the funding of commercial construction projects inside the landmark casino’s in Las Vegas such as the Lady Luck and the Palms. This area is a high growth area as the new demand for capital from borrowers with contracted projects from the landmark casinos and the gap left by the absence of lending by the local community banking system. Borrowers are long time operators with distinctions such as being Inc 500 companies. The loans are short term, high rate of return in nature and are secured by UCC-1 liens on the project, fixed assets and personal guarantees.

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EquiAlt Highlights

- Proven risk management strategies

- Invest in secured, tangible assets

- No third party risk, no brokering

- Alignment of interest with investors

- Successful track record in the downturn

- Diverse stabilized income streams

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