Tampa Apartments See Massive Rent Increase

Apr 15, 2015 / brian-davison
Real Estate Rental Class Retail Rent
If you live in the Tampa Bay metro area, you have experienced the vast increase in rents first-hand. Recently in…... Read More

Helping Homeless Veterans in Tampa Bay, EquiAlt Donates Three Homes To Potter’s House Community Development.

Mar 31, 2015 / brian-davison
Home Ownership
When the real estate bubble burst and the subprime, mortgage, credit and hedge fund markets collapsed in 2008, Brian Davison,…... Read More

NEWS RELEASE: EquiAlt Launches Long Term Portfolio With 172 Tampa Bay Properties With Additional $4.5 Million Spent In Rehabilitation Funds To Improve Local Neighborhoods.

Mar 03, 2015 / brian-davison
Throughout Tampa Bay – from the respective County Commission chambers to individual Mayor offices – revitalizing Tampa Bay to improve…... Read More

Tampa Housing Sales Jump 21 Percent

Dec 29, 2014 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
I wanted to share a wonderful article with you that I have just finished reading.  It details how the Tampa…... Read More

Is the Big Winner in the Rental Home Shortage Wall Street?

Dec 14, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
I recently read a wonderful article about how the big winner in the rental home shortage is Wall Street via…... Read More

Tips for Spotting a Desperate Seller

Apr 28, 2014 / brian-davison
Real Estate
With fewer homes on the market, it is still a seller’s paradise. They can choose from a variety of offers…... Read More

A Guide to the Top Real Estate Terms

Apr 21, 2014 / brian-davison
Real Estate
You might be ready to buy or sell your home, but how much do you know about real estate lingo?…... Read More

Monthly Mortgage Payments Versus Monthly Rent

Apr 14, 2014 / brian-davison
Not so long ago, the housing market ballooned so high that monthly mortgage prices were much higher than monthly rental…... Read More

Boomerang Buyers Returning After Foreclosures

Apr 07, 2014 / brian-davison
Chances are if you asked the estimated 5.3 million people who lost their homes during the real estate crisis if…... Read More

The Influence of Buyers & Sellers on Supply & Demand

Mar 24, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
No matter what industry you look at, supply and demand always plays a large role. This is especially true of…... Read More

Housing Market Hopes on the Rise

Mar 17, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
Last summer existing home sales reached a peak of 5.38 million, but according to the seasonally adjusted rate basis (SAAR)…... Read More

Foreclosure Rates Still High in Some Florida Cities

Mar 10, 2014 / brian-davison
Foreclosure Housing Market
The real estate market might be on the rebound for most of the United States, but in some cities foreclosure…... Read More

What Do the Next Five Years Hold for Home Pricing?

Mar 03, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market Investing Real Estate
The days of home prices reaching levels seen during the real estate bubble seems to be over. Though pricing in…... Read More

Foreclosures are Still Selling in Tampa

Feb 25, 2014 / brian-davison
Conventional housing prices might be on the rise, but according to RealtyTrac’s Year-End 2013 U.S. Residential & Foreclosure Sales Report,…... Read More

Retail Rent Sees Global Growth

Feb 18, 2014 / brian-davison
Real Estate Rental Class Retail Rent
There is finally some good news in the land of retail rent. According to research conducted by CBRE, a real…... Read More

The Myth of the Shadow Inventory

Feb 13, 2014 / brian-davison
Shadow Inventory
One of the biggest myths floating around the real estate sphere is that of the “shadow inventory.” Proponents of this…... Read More

If You Want to Predict The Housing Market, Go West

Feb 08, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
Back in 2007, it seemed as if the housing market crash would never end, and that foreclosures and decreased home…... Read More

There Goes the Neighborhood?

Jan 29, 2014 / brian-davison
Rental Class
“We’ve seen the shift from the time we first moved in here from 2009 to now. The neighborhood is already…... Read More

At the Doorstep of Immense Investment Opportunity

Jan 22, 2014 / brian-davison
Home Ownership
For the most part, Republicans blame Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and government policies for inflating the housing bubble, while Democrats blame…... Read More

Where Have All the Homeowners Gone?

Jan 15, 2014 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Real Estate
We’ve heard it before: “The 2008 real estate crash resulted in more than 7 million foreclosed homes.” But what does…... Read More

Real Estate Bidding Wars Spark Housing Bubbles in Hot Markets

Jan 08, 2014 / brian-davison
Real Estate
You may have seen the headlines…“Bidding Wars Return to Boston Condo Market”…“National Association of Realtors (NAR) Announces Home Sales Lowest…... Read More

As Feds Slow Bond Program, Mortgage Rates Jump

United States mortgage rates soared to their highest since September 2013 as real estate investors speculated the Federal Reserve’s slowdown…... Read More

Crowdfunding Comes to Real Estate Investing

Dec 26, 2013 / brian-davison
Real Estate Rental Class
Today, individual real estate investors have more opportunity than ever to invest in income-producing property, thanks to a new rule …... Read More

Homeowners Prejudiced Against The Growing League of Renters?

Dec 24, 2013 / brian-davison
Rental Class
Ask almost any American which type of neighbor is ideal, and the answer can be reduced down to “people like…... Read More

The Renter Nation: What’s Behind It?

Dec 17, 2013 / brian-davison
Real Estate Rental Class
“After going through what was the housing market's darkest hour, housing is now one of the most popular investments in…... Read More

With Homes for Sale in Short Supply, Prices Rise

Dec 12, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
Home prices increased 12.5% this October over last October, according to a report from Case-Shiller, which also reveals that the…... Read More

Single-Family Home Rental Boom: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Dec 10, 2013 / brian-davison
Mortgage Investing Mortgages
For two years, a single-family home rental boom has been sweeping through the Tampa, FL area. Investors are buying up…... Read More

Risks That Crouch Hidden In the Grass

Dec 06, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
“As prudent investors and managers, we must be aware of the realities we face.” ~ John Mauldin No one would…... Read More

Wars in the U.S. Housing Market? Bidding Wars That Is…

Dec 03, 2013 / brian-davison
Housing Market
Mortgage applications for U.S. home purchases have tumbled 17 percent since May on a seasonally adjusted basis and are down 6.9 percent…... Read More

Will Unintended Consequences of Dodd-Frank Make a Mess of the Mortgage Market?

Nov 29, 2013 / brian-davison
Mortgage Investing Mortgages
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that passed was enacted into law in 2010, commonly referred to…... Read More

Mortgage Applications Continue to Fall

Nov 20, 2013 / brian-davison
Mortgage Investing
Business Insider reports that mortgage applications, for the week ending November 9, 2013, fell 1.8%, on the heels of a…... Read More

Why Self-Storage is Good for the Community

Nov 18, 2013 / brian-davison
The Wall Street Journal reports that there are currently 2.3 billion square feet of self-storage space in the U.S., which…... Read More

Flood Plains and Flood Pains

Nov 14, 2013 / brian-davison
Flood Insurance
A law most Americans have never heard of quietly went into effect on October 1, 2013, the same day as…... Read More

Alternatives to the Stock Market Bubble

Nov 12, 2013 / brian-davison
Investing Stock Market Bubble
On Friday, November 8, all 3 of the major U.S. stock indices, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, and the…... Read More

Rolling Over Your 401K

Nov 11, 2013 / brian-davison
One of our primary services at EquiAlt is handling rollover 401K accounts. The pension funds of your grandparents have given…... Read More

Looking for a Leader When it Come to Mortgages?

Nov 07, 2013 / brian-davison
Mortgage Investing
Taking a broad view of mortgage interest rates, one could easily argue that compared to interest rates of the past…... Read More

Back Again: Bubble-Like Markets

Nov 06, 2013 / brian-davison
A lot of people are worried that stocks are headed for another crash. Stocks have been rising almost daily, but…... Read More

A Unique Credit Instrument Fueling an Equally Unique Trend in Home Ownership

Oct 29, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership
From the time of the real estate pricing peak 2006, the average price or residential real estate across the United…... Read More

You Don’t Need to be a Weather Man to Know It’s Warm Outside

Oct 28, 2013 / brian-davison
To simply make the declaration that “it is warm outside” can be a reckless statement, depending on your audience. A…... Read More

Understanding Documents and Processes: Deed of Trust

Oct 17, 2013 / brian-davison
Trust Deed
In many cases the Deed of Trust is presented as an “offering” by a party that has an interest in…... Read More

Second Trust Deeds

Oct 15, 2013 / brian-davison
Second Deed Trust Trust Deed
A second Trust Deed is also called a second mortgage and maybe referred to as mezzanine financing due to its…... Read More

Property Valuations, Loan to Value

Oct 10, 2013 / brian-davison
Private Lending Real Estate
In private lending where loan to own underwriting is very prevalent this category has the greatest pressure on it for…... Read More

What You Need to Know About Limited Exit Strategies

Oct 09, 2013 / brian-davison
Investing Limited Exit Strategy Real Estate Trust Deed
Exiting the investment is one of the most crucial aspects of Trust Deed investing; it determines the net or actual…... Read More

What is a Loan to Own Underwriting

Oct 03, 2013 / brian-davison
Loan to Own Underwriting Real Estate Trust Deed
A common theme and industry standard in private lending is that the largest portion of underwriting is based on the…... Read More

The Pitfalls of Interest Revenue

Oct 01, 2013 / brian-davison
Interest Revenues Trust Deed
An industry standard is for a Broker to strengthen the offering (to Investors) of the Trust Deed to investors by…... Read More

The Pitfalls of Commercial Real Estate

Sep 26, 2013 / brian-davison
Commercial Real Estate Investing Real Estate
This PITFALL is more of an existing myth in the market place than an action or inaction on anyone’s part. …... Read More

Taking a Good Attribute and Distorting it with the Deed of Trust Originator and the Borrower

Sep 24, 2013 / brian-davison
Real Estate Trust Deed
An industry standard is for a Broker to strengthen the offering (to Investors) of the Trust Deed to investors by…... Read More

The Risk of Investing in Unimproved Land

This is sometimes dressed up for investors by calling it; ‘future value investing’ or ‘specific-demand collateral’ this is the highest…... Read More

The Risk of Investing in Incomplete Property

Sep 17, 2013 / brian-davison
Investing Investment Property Trust Deed
These two issues are put together as they appear the most in the same transactions in private lending.  The staged…... Read More

The Pitfalls of High Fractionalized Investing

Sep 10, 2013 / brian-davison
High Fractionalized Investing Investing Real Estate
A fractionalized Trust Deed is a loan that has many investors who pooled their money for the total principle balance…... Read More

Can Mortgage Brokers Be a Pitfall of Trust Deed/Mortgage Investing?

Sep 10, 2013 / brian-davison
Mortgage Investing Trust Deed
Most Trust Deed investing for individual investors is facilitated through a Mortgage Broker.  For the borrower; the Mortgage Broker advertises…... Read More

Introduction to Equity Value Investing: EVI 2.0

Sep 07, 2013 / brian-davison
Equity Value Investing Investing Real Estate
Equity value investing is the acquisition of fixed assets with significant equity on acquisition that can be quickly converted to…... Read More

Four Years into the Real Estate Crisis – What is Driving the New Renter Class?

Sep 05, 2013 / brian-davison
Real Estate Rental Class
There are many factors that are driving the new renter class, but it can be broken down into forced pragmatism…... Read More