Tampa Housing Sales Jump 21 Percent

Dec 29, 2014 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
I wanted to share a wonderful article with you that I have just finished reading.  It details how the Tampa…... Read More

At the Doorstep of Immense Investment Opportunity

Jan 22, 2014 / brian-davison
Home Ownership
For the most part, Republicans blame Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and government policies for inflating the housing bubble, while Democrats blame…... Read More

Where Have All the Homeowners Gone?

Jan 15, 2014 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Real Estate
We’ve heard it before: “The 2008 real estate crash resulted in more than 7 million foreclosed homes.” But what does…... Read More

As Feds Slow Bond Program, Mortgage Rates Jump

United States mortgage rates soared to their highest since September 2013 as real estate investors speculated the Federal Reserve’s slowdown…... Read More

With Homes for Sale in Short Supply, Prices Rise

Dec 12, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
Home prices increased 12.5% this October over last October, according to a report from Case-Shiller, which also reveals that the…... Read More

Risks That Crouch Hidden In the Grass

Dec 06, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
“As prudent investors and managers, we must be aware of the realities we face.” ~ John Mauldin No one would…... Read More

A Unique Credit Instrument Fueling an Equally Unique Trend in Home Ownership

Oct 29, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership
From the time of the real estate pricing peak 2006, the average price or residential real estate across the United…... Read More