Is the Big Winner in the Rental Home Shortage Wall Street?

Dec 14, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
I recently read a wonderful article about how the big winner in the rental home shortage is Wall Street via…... Read More

The Influence of Buyers & Sellers on Supply & Demand

Mar 24, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
No matter what industry you look at, supply and demand always plays a large role. This is especially true of…... Read More

Housing Market Hopes on the Rise

Mar 17, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
Last summer existing home sales reached a peak of 5.38 million, but according to the seasonally adjusted rate basis (SAAR)…... Read More

Foreclosure Rates Still High in Some Florida Cities

Mar 10, 2014 / brian-davison
Foreclosure Housing Market
The real estate market might be on the rebound for most of the United States, but in some cities foreclosure…... Read More

What Do the Next Five Years Hold for Home Pricing?

Mar 03, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market Investing Real Estate
The days of home prices reaching levels seen during the real estate bubble seems to be over. Though pricing in…... Read More

If You Want to Predict The Housing Market, Go West

Feb 08, 2014 / brian-davison
Housing Market
Back in 2007, it seemed as if the housing market crash would never end, and that foreclosures and decreased home…... Read More

As Feds Slow Bond Program, Mortgage Rates Jump

United States mortgage rates soared to their highest since September 2013 as real estate investors speculated the Federal Reserve’s slowdown…... Read More

With Homes for Sale in Short Supply, Prices Rise

Dec 12, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
Home prices increased 12.5% this October over last October, according to a report from Case-Shiller, which also reveals that the…... Read More

Risks That Crouch Hidden In the Grass

Dec 06, 2013 / brian-davison
Home Ownership Housing Market
“As prudent investors and managers, we must be aware of the realities we face.” ~ John Mauldin No one would…... Read More

Wars in the U.S. Housing Market? Bidding Wars That Is…

Dec 03, 2013 / brian-davison
Housing Market
Mortgage applications for U.S. home purchases have tumbled 17 percent since May on a seasonally adjusted basis and are down 6.9 percent…... Read More