Helping Homeless Veterans in Tampa Bay, EquiAlt Donates Three Homes To Potter’s House Community Development.

When the real estate bubble burst and the subprime, mortgage, credit and hedge fund markets collapsed in 2008, Brian Davison, now CEO of Tampa-based EquiAlt, was one of the guys who got knocked down. In evaluating what was really important to him moving forward, Davison implemented a philanthropic mission to give back or assist others not as fortunate as he or his company has been.

In carrying out his mission to his new home base in Tampa Bay, Davison announces that EquiAlt has donated three single-family homes to Potter’s House Community Development (PHCD). Two of the homes are located in Tampa and the third in Clearwater. The total donation is worth approximately $120,000.

PHCD is commissioned to empower the people in our community though several ministries that target health awareness, illiteracy and strengthening the family. Their focus is to educate families in our community by exposing them to viable resources that will transform them into healthier and more productive citizens.

“With the donation of the houses,” states Dr. Patricia Hauser, CEO, Potter’s House Community Development, “we are both excited and ecstatic that we will be able to offer housing for some of the Vet’s in our area that are homeless, for they are well deserving of a second chance to establish themselves in the community.

Dr. Hauser added that EquiAlt’s donation will inspire, uplift, restore and give hope in this community. “Our total mission is to reach and strengthen the family by any means necessary and for that we are grateful!”

As a former military kid, the mission of PHCD to offer interim housing to disabled vets hit home with Davison.

“Veterans are a national treasure that should be appreciated and respected for the service they have provided to each of us,” says Davison. “The fact that so many are homeless is discouraging. By donating these homes to PHCD with no strings attached, and coupled with the service they provide, I thought that our company could make a meaningful and unique impact to our veterans and the overall community.”

Potter’s House will partner with local contractors that donate labor and one of the major Home Improvement Chains has an arrangement with then to provide free materials.

EquiAlt will continue its mission of giving back to the community and is evaluating numerous charitable opportunities.