• Invest in tangible assets

  • No third-party risk, no brokering

  • Alignment of interest with investors

  • Successful track record in the downturn

“We are long term players in the market and seek to be a part of the communities where we invest.”

Brian Davison
CEO, EquiAlt

Why EquiAlt

Real Estate

EquiAlt has a multimillion-dollar portfolio of revenue generating condos, single-family, and multi-family homes. We acquire, rehabilitate and manage opportunistic or distressed real estate assets to create equity and income.

By maintaining, developing and stabilizing these acquisitions, we build risk-adjusted returns for investors while helping to revitalize local communities.

Private Equity

Through recapitalization and management buy-ins, EquiAlt helps mitigate the challenges of economic downturns on small business.

With a comprehensive understanding or market conditions, we understand how to nurture businesses with a flexible value-added investment approach.


EquiAlt provides commercial lending investments to construction and development projects, filling in the gaps left by local community banking systems.

EquiAlt carefully selects these opportunities and provide a predictable stream of returns to keep progress moving forward.

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