Equity / Holdings

shutterstock_70662694EquiAlt maintains investment grade income property that has been stabilized, turned into a cash flowing asset and title cleared from the distressed acquisitions. These specific properties are part of a convergent investment strategy based largely on generational demographic trends in Real Estate. These properties from time to time are offered in bulk to end investors in groups of ten units or greater.

This area is designed for entities such as; stronger individual personal Real Estate investors, Real Estate Investing Partnerships, Company Defined Benefit Plans or any small to medium sized investment entitiy with an investment strategy to aquire groups of cash flowing assets at one time to diversify and strengthen their investment vehicles.

Debt / Private Equity

shutterstock_102271846EquiAlt debt projects include participation in the remodeling at the Cantor Sports Book In the Venitian and the Downtown Grand, (formerly the Lady Luck). Venetian revamps sports book as part of $30 million renovation.




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