IRA Rollover

Individuals – IRA and 401(k) Investing

shutterstock_105421958Individual self directed retirement accounts are the choice of investors who are looking for ways to control, protect and grow retirement funds and many account holders enjoy the option to invest in areas that are an alternative to traditional Wall Street created products. Account holders may change the current investment of the account by “rolling over”.

The rollover process is simple and every effort has been made to reduce or eliminate the typical costs associated with self directed accounts while providing very strong results. A self-directed account manager will be assigned to every potential customer.




Corporate – Defined Contribution Plans

shutterstock_105421976Qualified small business accounts maybe eligible for custom financial planning by a referred independent Registered Financial Advisor to determine suitable and applicable strategies. With the appropriate allocation of EquiAlt products the 401(k) can become more tactical in the planning approach.
The “SmartIRA401k” program is specifically designed to provide small business plans with traditional oversight, planning and diversification of a fully managed retirement account with the added benefit to the employer of reduced or zero employer cost.

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